Aaron Sorkin is one of Hollywood's most respected, and revered writers. The man who penned 'The Social Network,' the story of Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, is tasked with bringing the story of another technological genius to life, work that he describes as "terrifying."

Sorkin is working on a big screen adaptation of the Steve Jobs biopic novel by Walter Isaacson titled, "Steve Jobs." It's as big of a task as his Facebook screenplay, perhaps even more so, since Jobs passed away and his legacy is still being heralded by those who use his many products around the world every day.

While speaking with Walt Mossberg at the 10th Annual All Things D conference, Sorkin stated that writing about Jobs, "was a little like writing about the Beatles." Sorkin also said that he fully expects to receive some scrutiny no matter he puts in the script.

“All I can say at this early stage of the game is that any time you see, ‘the following is a true story,’ you should think of it as a painting, not a photograph.” Sorkin isn't sure which parts of the biography he's going to include in the movie, and which ones he's going to leave out.

Sorkin isn't worried about the other Steve Jobs biopic that's in the works with Ashton Kutcher attached, saying that there's enough room for two Steve Jobs movies. He does have some thought as to whom should play him, and it's not a role that can be taken lightly.

“They’re going to have to talk fast and going to have to be smart. A lot of things actors can fake, but not intelligence." A statement which narrows the field in Hollywood to around 2%.

Sorkin's next piece of work will be seen in his upcoming HBO series called 'The Newsroom,' about the behind-the-scenes drama at a cable news station.

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