Admittedly, 'Scandal' doesn't deserve that kind of joke, given its relatively solid rating and overall critical acceptance, but we're somewhat surprised that 'The Neighbors' managed to survive the critical pounding it took in its early days.  Regardless, ABC has opted to pick up both the Shonda Rhimes political thriller and the wacky extraterrestrial comedy up for full seasons, leaving the fate of its other dramas uncertain.  So who's still on the bubble?

In a world where 'Community's fourth season still exists in limbo, it's strange to see other networks having far less difficulty.  According to Entertainment Weekly, we've just learned that Shonda Rhimes' political drama 'Scandal' has been extended for a full second season, while the critically-maligned 'The Neighbors' has also been given a back nine to its initial 13-episode order.

'Scandal' in particular isn't much of a shocker considering the series averages 8.1 million viewers with a strong DVR boost, while 'The Neighbors' surprisingly maintains an average of 6.8 million viewers.  Still no word on 'Last Resort,' '666 Park Avenue' or even the buzz-worthy 'Nashville,' though announcements on all three are expected within the coming week.

What say you?  Are you surprised to see 'The Neighbors' or 'Scandal' getting picked up for full seasons?  Which of ABC's series would you be saddest to see go?

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