Zach Braff is coming back to TV, but don't worry, it isn't for another dreadful 'Scrubs' rehash. Instead, the 'Garden State' writer/director/star will head behind the camera for the helm of his first TV series on ABC, that of the misleadingly titled 'Garage Bar.' But will Braff remain completely behind the camera this time around, or put in an appearance? And what could 'Garage Bar' be about, if not a group of scrappy ne'er-do-wells that start a tavern out of their garage?

Scrub clean your memories of Zach Braff as a TV star, because the 'Garden State'-er is staying behind the camera this time around. According to Deadline, ABC has bought Braff's single-camera sitcom 'Garage Bar' for development next season. Said to combine the humor of a workplace comedy with the tone and heart of Braff's indie breakout 'Garden State,' 'Garage Bar' follows a group of friends who experience the ups and downs of fame when one of the group becomes a pop star.

'Garage Bar' marks Braff's first major return to TV following the end of 'Scrubs'' nine-year run on ABC, amid interstitial gigs on Bill Lawrence's 'Scrubs' follow-up 'Cougar Town,' and even buddy Donald Faison's 'The Exes.' Braff will write, direct and executive produce 'Garage Bar,' with the possibility of an appearance yet to be determined.

What say you? Would you be happy to have Zach Braff back on TV, if not in front of the camera?