In an effort to seem more appealing in various international markets, 20th Century Fox is giving the title of 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' a makeover when it hits overseas. The revisionist tale of a renegade American president killing vampires isn't an instant selling point to foreigners? There are countries that matter besides the United States? News!

The adaptation of the best-selling novel (or slash fiction) by Seth Grahame-Smith from visionary Russian director Timur Bekmambetov will be known by many names internationally, like an international man of mystery, according to the LA Times Blog.

In Taiwan and Thailand (that's two Asian 'T' countries, for those keeping count), the film will be known as 'President Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.' This way they know he was a president of our country. Giving Hong Kong and South Korea the benefit of the educated guess, the film will be called 'Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' because they're cool enough to get with him on a last name first basis, and it still distinguishes from 'Lincoln: The Lawyer,' that Matthew McConaughey movie.

In Italy: 'The Legend of the Vampire Hunter' because no one cares about American presidents there and they clearly have a deep disdain for a man who brought about the end of slavery in our beloved nation. They may still be upset about World War I. We haven't asked.

In Portugal: 'Secret Diary of the Vampire Hunter,' which must appeal to their national sense of discretion.

Best of luck to 20th Century Fox. Those guys clearly have this stuff figured out.