Video games have stolen so much from movies and movies have stolen so much from video games that it was bound to happen: an entire action movie shot from the POV of soldier in the style of a first person shooter. 'Line of Sight' is that movie and Mike McCoy (who co-directed 'Act of Valor') is the director.

If the Hollywood Reporter's description is anything to be believed, the film certainly won't brake any new narrative ground. The plot "...revolves around an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat." Of course, the story will be seen entirely (and literally) through the eyes of one of those commandos, which means this project will probably feel something like a found footage movie with assault rifles (or an action-tastic, bro-friendly version of Gaspar Noe's 'Enter the Void').

This wouldn't be the first time we've seen such a blatant video game nod in a film. Look to 2005's 'Doom' (the source of the image at the top of this article), which homaged its video game heritage by literally putting us in Karl Urban's shoes as he blasted his way through an army of monsters for five minutes, his weaponry hanging out in the lower right hand side of the screen. In fact, here's that footage right now:

Yeah, it's pretty silly and starts to feel awfully tedious after the first few minutes. How exactly they'll make it work for an entire movie is beyond us, but hey, we just write the news, not make it.

In any case, at least they've assembled the proper team for such an endeavor. McCoy's 'Act of Valor' dealt with similar subject matter (Soldiers! Secret missions!) and screenwriter Peter O'Brien wrote the video game 'Halo: Reach,' itself a first person shooter. McCoy is replacing Ben Affleck who was, at one point, inexplicably attached to direct.