While it doesn’t look like Mel Gibson will direct Suicide Squad 2 since we haven’t heard anything from him in a while (although who really knows these days), the movie does now have a screenwriter. Warner Bros. is kicking off production on the movie with Adam Cozad, who wrote 2016’s The Legend of Tarzan for the studio and has officially signed on to the Suicide Squad sequel.

David Ayer both wrote and directed last year’s Suicide Squad, but he won’t be returning to the project as he’s doing the Gotham City Sirens movie with Margot Robbie. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. is now focusing on nailing down both a director and a story for the sequel. Cozad is primarily an action/comic books guy, having written the script for Chris Pine’s Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and worked on the Bloodshot screenplay. He also wrote the script for Underwater, the action-adventure brewing at Fox that’ll star Kristen Stewart.

As to how the movie will be, that remains to be seen. Suicide Squad got pretty negative reactions overall last year (it’s on our Worst of 2016 list), and The Legend of Tarzan was just kinda bland. Maybe the weird, dark origins of the Squad will allow Cozad to let loose a little bit. It’s also going to be interesting to see which director ultimately takes this project on as the studio is pushing it forward, but it’ll take a lot to get the fanbase back after the first one was more or less a financial success but a critical bomb.

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