After seeing four of her movies premiere last year — Personal Shopper, Certain Women, Cafe Society, and Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime WalkKristen Stewart is back at it, this time with something a little different. She’s currently in talks for an action-thriller joint titled Underwater, which will be directed by The Signal’s Will Eubank.

20th Century Fox reported to The Hollywood Reporter that Stewart is currently in negotiations for the movie. Eubank’s The Signal is a weird, disturbing, Twilight Zone-esque thriller, plus he’s also the director of Love (no, the other one — no, not that one either), which focused on a lone astronaut on a space station watching as the Earth and everyone he knows are consumed by war. Underwater sounds like more of the same little scale-big themes kind of storytelling Eubank is good at.

Here’s the plot, according to THR:

Underwater centers on an underwater scientific crew that, after facing an earthquake, are forced to go on a dangerous journey for survival. The story has been described as an underwater Armageddon.

It’s the first straight-up action movie Kristen has ever done — although I guess one could make the case for some parts of the Twilight Saga. She’ll play the lead, “a jaded and hardened crewmember,” which also sounds like an intriguing departure from her usual kind of roles. It’s more like something Charlize Theron or Sigourney Weaver would play. Who knows, we might have the next iconic sci-fi heroine on our hands here.

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