This could be a match in idiot-comedy heaven. Adam Sandler is negotiating to replace Mark Wahlberg and join Will Ferrell in ‘Three Mississippi,’ a football-themed comedy for Warner Bros.

The plot, conceived by '30 Rock' executive producer Robert Carlock and 'Friends' executive producer Scott Silveri, centers around two families who meet annually for a Thanksgiving Day football game even though one family consistently loses. But Sandler isn’t just joining the cast – he’d be replacing Mark Wahlberg, the actor who the film was originally written for.

Vulture breaks down the steps that led to Sandler’s involvement, a series of hoops created by commitments to other projects such as 'Anchorman 2' that is tying up Adam McKay (who planned on directing ‘Mississippi’). Now ‘That’s My Boy’ director Sean Anders has been handed ‘Mississippi,’ leading to Sandler expressing interest.

It makes you wonder why Sandler and Ferrell haven’t teamed up before. Ferrell’s always open to a collaboration and has regularly shared the screen with John C. Reilly, and will pair with Zack Galifianakis for ‘The Campaign’ later this summer. And Sandler’s biggest hit in the last few years came when he teamed with Chris Rock, Kevin James and David Spade for ‘Grown Ups.’ Audiences seem to like the ‘SNL’ mashups, and a teaming of Ferrell and Sandler would appear to be box-office gold.

We’ll see if it happens. But for right now, do you think there’s enough room on screen for the boisterous antics of both Sandler and Ferrell for the same movie?