While his own film output as of late has been less than stellar, Adam Sandler has been a busy man behind the scenes as well, and his production outfit Happy Madison has just picked up the rights to the short film 'Bad Toys II' for development at Sony and Columbia.

THR reports that Sandler and Co. have optioned the rights to the short film (below), which is a mix of live action and animation that integrates CG with comic book panels and toys on a playroom floor to recreate Michael Bay's signature big action style from the 'Bad Boys' films. The short was created by Frenchmen Daniel Brunet and Nicolas Douste, who will co-executive produce the big screen adaptation alongside Happy Madison.

In the feature-length film version, a grown man will try to reconnect with his childhood by playing with his son's toys, but things get interesting when it goes from simple monkeying around to creating an homage to blockbuster action extravaganzas, a la the work of Michael Bay.

It's an interesting concept, and we're pretty enamored with the short film itself. But the involvement of Adam Sandler has us worried about the finished product and just how much Sandler is inserting himself and his pals into the project, considering his work has had us -- to put it kindly -- less than charmed over the last few years.