At least some of Adventure Time’s enduring appeal has to do with a cheerful face atop what seems to be a post-apocalyptic world, and before the series finally ends in 2018, it seems fans may finally learn the full story. A new 2017 miniseries teases an answer to the absent humanity, and we’ve already got the opening credits.

Per UPROXX, Adventure Time is answering waits for a late 2017 Season 8 premiere with an eight-part miniseries premiering on January 30. In addition to the opening credits above, the four-night special event promises to explore Finn’s past, including an answer to what happened to the rest of humanity.

So reads the synopsis:

In Adventure Time: Islands, Finn (voiced by Jeremy Shada), Jake (John DiMaggio), BMO (Niki Yang) and Susan Strong (Jackie Buscarino) leave the Land of Ooo to embark on a quest of epic proportions across the ocean and into new lands—encountering new creatures, discovering new islands and using teamwork along the way.

Islands will also be available Tuesday, January 24 on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Video and Google Play for $14.97, including all eight episodes, exclusive content and animatics, an art gallery and song demos.

In the meantime, the series is guaranteed to air through 2018, including ”142 half-hours of content” for the post-apocalyptic coming-of-age saga, between new episodes, miniseries, specials and more. For those unfamiliar, the series began in 2010, and has since become a cult phenomenon for its trippy off-beat take on a post-apocalyptic world, as well a favorite of cosplayers and convention-goers.

There’s Time yet to enjoy the Adventure, but what answers might the upcoming special bring?

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