'Adventure Time' Season 5 continues with its latest episode "Princess Potluck" as the Ice King grows increasingly jealous when he doesn't get invited to a party Princess Bubblegum throws a party for all her friends.

What kind of wacky schemes will the Ice King come up with to ruin PB's party? And what mysterious foe from Jake's past will come back to haunt him?

Find out all of this and more in our review of 'Adventure Time' episode "Princess Potluck!"

Princess Bubblegum is having a potluck party and has invited all the princesses (including Princess Princess Princess, Embryo Princess, Ragdoll Princess, Bounce House Princess and Lumpy Space Princess), Finn and Jake. When Princess Bubblegum puts a can of grape soda that Finn brought as a snack in the snow to keep it cool, something rings in Ice King's head. Someone's messing with his ice!

He captures a bunch of bunnies and cats to try to destroy the party. He feeds the bunnies too much lasagna to be "party poopers" and then puts lemons on cats to be "sour pusses" to destroy the party. Ice King releases the cats and then the bunnies but Jake and Finn just use the lemons to make their iced tea taste better. The bunnies just poop in Ice King's bag, make a big mess and he can't release them now.

Ice King then sends Gunter, his pet penguin dressed up as a "sock princess," down to the party to spill punch all over everybody. But it turns out Gunter just makes the party more lively when he starts dancing. Now the Ice King has had it and calls the Banana Guards. They don't like Ice King so they hang up on him the first time. He calls back and pretends that he is an old lady and an old man and the pizza delivery guy and George, the brother to the old man. Reluctantly the Banana Guards believe him and go to stop the party. But they actually don't stop the party...they join the party because it's so fun!

All of his plans to destroy Bubblegum's party have failed. After trying every thing, he remembers that he has all the power of ice and snow and shoots ice lightning bolts at the party.

Finn almost gets hit by ice lightning and jumps up and sticks his shoe on Ice King's nose to stop him from destroying the rest of the party. Princess Bubblegum reveals that she actually had sent him a invite in the mail. Ice King doesn't read his mail so he didn't think he got an invite. He joins the party and everyone has a good time.

I liked this episode because it shows all of Ice King's ideas to destroy the party FAIL! It's very funny and has an amazing plot and resolution. My favorite part was at the very end of the episode when the rabid Squirrel (previously seen in the "The Duke") randomly shows up and shoots an arrow at Jake (who is wearing red makeup on his face that looks like a target) and shouts, "You son of a BLEEP BLOB! JAAAKE!!"

Did you find the snail hidden in this episode? What did you think of "Princess Potluck?" Let us know in the comments.

I'm looking forward to next week for an all-new ‘Adventure Time’ episode “One Last Job” on Cartoon Network!

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