Though we lost the incredible, incomparable Robin Williams last year, the actor and comedian remains immortal through his huge legacy of film and television work. And Disney is giving us a little heartwarming gift in the form of new, never-before-seen footage of the late actor via some charming outtakes from the upcoming Blu-ray of their animated classic, Aladdin.

Williams famously lent his voice to the role of Genie, the big blue boisterous pal of Aladdin, who is released from his centuries-old lamp to grant three wishes for the young protagonist. Williams brought Genie to vivid, outlandish life with his cadre of impressions and his impeccable vocal talents, instantly making Genie one of the most memorable characters in Disney — and film — history.

The actor’s final films have already come and gone, but Disney is offering us some “new” Williams material in the form of these voiceover outtakes for Aladdin, originally released in 1992. You can watch them in the video above, courtesy of Good Morning America.

Disney is releasing Aladdin in a Diamond Edition Blu-ray combo pack on October 13, with directors John Musker and Ron Clements along with composer Alan Menken and the stars of the film appearing on GMA to discuss the new release and remember Williams. Mukser revealed that the part was written specifically for Williams, with no idea if the actor would agree, while Menken said, “It was amazing working with Robin, absolutely incredible.”

You can see more when Aladdin hits Blu-ray next week.

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