2015 is going to be one packed year for film. Aside from 'The Avengers: Age of Ultron,' 'Star Wars: Episode 7,' the Batman-Superman team-up, 'Jurassic World' and other major blockbusters, Walt Disney Pictures and Warner Bros. have added additional titles -- and one for 2016.

'Alice in Wonderland 2,' which will reunite Johnny Depp and the recently confirmed Mia Wasikowska again in the sequel to Tim Burton's film, has been slated for release on May 27, 2016. Burton, however, will not be returning, and instead the director's chair will be turned over to James Bobin of 'The Muppets.'

As for 2015, Disney has another title up its sleeve. In addition to the live-action adaptation of 'Cinderella,' directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Lily James, 'The Jungle Book' will also drop the same year on October 9, 2015. No stars have ben attached as of yet, though Jon Favreau will helm the project from a script by Justin Marks.

Ron Howard's upcoming 'Heart of the Sea,' the story behind 'Moby Dick''s inspiration that will reunite the director with his 'Rush' star Chris Hemsworth, has been scheduled for theaters on March 13, 2015. Also starring in the film are Benjamin Walker, Cillian Murphy, Ben Whishaw, Tom Holland, Brendan Gleeson and Jordi Molla.

These 2015 titles join 'Bourne 5,' 'Mad Max: Fury Road,' 'Ant-Man,' '50 Shades of Grey,' 'The Secret Service,' 'Susan Cooper,' 'Ted 2,' 'Fantastic Four' and much, much more.

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