We can’t lie to you about your chances, but you have our sympathies in trying to get any of this year's Alien Day merchandise.

This year, the Weyland-Yutani Corporation ( 20th Century Fox) celebrates 4.26 with a number of new releases honoring the Alien franchise ahead of the release of Alien: Covenant. A sequel to Prometheus but a prequel to the original 1979 sci-fi horror classic, Covenant will explore the evolution of the xenomorph as we know it today and probably some other stuff too, but #RealTalk, we're all just here to see the amazing xeno kills.

Now some 36 years young, the Alien franchise has taken to commemorating itself with a manufactured holiday on April 26, which pays tribute to LV-426, the moon at the center of the first two films in the series. Pop culture “holidays” are nothing new, but rubes like myself fall for them every time because we are but capitalist machines obliged to support our fandoms. That’s okay though because without these types of stunt events, we might never see the fun and rare merchandise released to tie into things like Alien Day.

Purveyors of fine limited edition goods like Mondo, NECA, and Hallmark are all taking part this year. Mondo’s offerings are especially tantalizing given that it’s been years since the original Jerry Goldsmith Alien soundtrack has been made available, and now we have the chance to buy it in two different forms. NECA's continued support of Alien in action figure form reaches new heights this year with a re-imagined classic Kenner toy of Vasquez, who was never released in the US back in the ’90s.

Of course there will be plenty of T-shirts and other clothing options to go around, but for me, the real star of this year’s Alien Day is the nesting doll set from PPW Toys. It’s the perfect little niche item for fans, and one that will display well in any home. Provided you can get your hands on one.

More collectibles are expected to be announced throughout the day, so stay tuned for any updates. Be sure to keep your finger on the refresh button for some of those limited items, and try not to give up all your shares in hopes of obtaining 2017’s Alien Day items.

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