The year is coming to a close, so you may not remember that Alita: Battle Angel was one of the higher prestige action flicks of the early year. But there are some fans who have not forgotten, and in fact, they're pushing for a sequel.

On Thursday morning (Dec. 5), they made their voices heard by making the hashtag #AlitaSequel trending on Twitter.

Part of the reason for the push is that the company retaining the rights to Alita is now Disney, whose purchase of Fox has been having an impact on the movie industry. With new backing, fans are hoping that the potential for a franchise doesn't get lost in the shuffle, so the Twitter campaign was launched with producer Jon Landau also lending his support.

A message to fans read as follows:

We want a sequel to Alita: Battle Angel. The experience we had in the cinema was remarkable, and we want to feel that magic of the first one again. And since Disney is now in charge of distribution of Alita, we need to reach out to them to make the sequel happen.

What can I do? We need to make noise. We need to make the hashtag #AlitaSequel go trending. Not now, but altogether at the same time worldwide. For one hour we tweet we unleash hell.

Alita: Battle Angel had some impressive credentials going in, with James Cameron working on the screenplay and Robert Rodriguez serving as the film's director. The film centered on a deactivated cyborg (Rosa Salazar) rescued by doctor (Christoph Waltz) scavenging for parts, who starts to recover her identity in a strange world, eventually coming to embrace her destiny as an avenger meant to overturn the world of death and destruction.

The film made $400 million at the box office on a $170 million production budget. It arrived in mid-February, which is typically not a very active box office period. A new backing with a studio more focused on promoting it could help it gain a larger audience.

Will an Alita sequel happen? The campaign should certainly make Disney aware there is an audience for the movie, which left off with a tease for the next potential story in Alita's ascension. So if your change in the world is getting an Alita sequel, rise up and let your voices be heard. Revisit our review of the film here.

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