With no new blockbusters in theaters until October November Christmas (maybe?), the movie theaters that are choosing to stay open are going to need to get creative with what they screen. Many chains are offering screenings of classics like Raiders of the Lost ArkStar Wars, and Hocus Pocus, but those films tend to be older titles.

In recent weeks, fans of the recent movie adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel have been clamoring to see their beloved film on the big screen again. (If you’ve never encountered the group that calls themselves the “#AlitaArmy” online, they can be an ... enthusiastic bunch.) It appears their weeks of hashtagged tweets worked; Alita is now getting a second run on the big screen later this month.

Alita producer and co-writer James Cameron celebrated the news on Twitter, taking time out of his busy schedule making the #AvatarArmy happy by creating four more sequels for them:

Director Robert Rodriguez was also ecstatic about the news:

Alita opened in January of 2019, to decent reviews and box office, and quickly found a devoted online audience, who’ve continued to beat the drum loudly for the sequel that was teased in the original film’s final act. That hasn’t materialized yet, but if Alita shocks the world and becomes a massive hit in theatrical re-release, who knows? Maybe Fox will start to believe that 2 Battle 2 Angel is a good idea.

Look for Alita: Battle Angel back in a theater near you (assuming it’s still open) on October 30.

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