This weekend 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' hit theaters (making over $91 million at the box office), and disappointed anyone who sat through all the end credits thinking they'd get additional footage about the next movie. We've known for a while the film wouldn't feature a sequel tease, but it's now been revealed that an end credit Easter egg sequence was shot that enlarged the role of Chris Cooper's Norman Osborn

Spoilers here on out, natch. Geek Tyrant revealed a still from this deleted sequence, which shows Gustav Fliers/Man of the Shadows, (who also was in the stinger footage in 'The Amazing Spider-Man') arriving at one of Oscorp's labs and then talking to Norman's head, which has been cryogenically frozen. Here's the still:


And here's the blown up evidence:

Geek Tyrant/Sony

There are a couple reasons why this could have been cut. One is that -- at the time of shooting -- it wasn't known what directions the spinoff movies and sequels would go. This sequence may have set something up that they've changed their minds about, as they did when they cut out Shailene Woodley's appearance as Mary Jane Watson. The other big reason why this may have been removed is that it didn't play well with audiences. Perhaps we'll see the sequence in full when the film hits home video, while it's also possible that this material could surface (or be re-filmed) for 'The Amazing Spider-Man 3', which has already been dated for June 10, 2016.