There have been a ton of rumors flying around the, um, web regarding Sony's plans for the world of Spider-Man. Things are a bit of a mess over there right now, and the future seems to be a bit uncertain, with only the 'Sinister Six' project moving ahead -- and even that project has had some question marks floating around. Some of the rumors we've been hearing have been potentially cool (like that all-female Spider-Man team-up), while others, like the one circulating today, are a bit weird: Sony is considering bringing Gwen Stacy back for another 'Amazing Spider-Man' film.

The rumor comes from Christian Today, and as always, gargle and swish with a big grain of salt, but we've been hearing so many things regarding Sony's plans lately that it doesn't seem entirely unlikely. Their report says that Sony is considering bringing Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy back for a future Spider-Man sequel, and that they're also considering incorporating the Miles Morales character from the comics, quoting 'Amazing Spider-Man' star Andrew Garfield, who has talked about the potential for the character's inclusion in a future film -- something we've heard before, so it's not exactly new news.

Gwen Stacy perished near the end of 'The Amazing Spider-Man 2,' echoing a major plot from the comic books, but the story refers to another plot from the comics in which Gwen is brought back to life via a clone. The scenes between Stone and Garfield were the best stuff in either 'Amazing Spider-Man' films, so it's not insane to think Sony would want to bring her back in any way they could, but this idea seems nuts any way you slice it.

Sony has a lot to consider for the future of their Spider-Man franchise, including the potential to team-up with Marvel for a big Civil War crossover that could possibly help breathe new life into the character. Garfield plays the character well and he hasn't been the problem, and it seems like Sony knows that. All of the rumors coming out of the studio lately are pointing toward spinoff films, which seem to indicate that they're spinning their wheels until they figure out what to do with Spidey himself.

But bringing Gwen Stacy back? Yikes. As much as we love Emma Stone, here's hoping this one stays a rumor.