'Bill & Ted 3' may never get the phone booth off the ground, but that doesn't mean iconic franchise star Alex Winter is lacking for work. The actor/writer has officially joined the ranks of such AMC producers as Matthew Weiner and Vince Gilligan, selling drama "Rights of Bill" to the cable network. No, it isn't a reference to his air-headed time-travelling character, his excellent adventures or bogus journey, but rather an outlaw Wisconsin sheriff. Would you tune in for 'Rights of Bill?'

While the news admittedly might cause some to misread that 'Bill & Ted's Righteous...' has been announced as the next chapter of the franchise, in fact "Bill" is off on an adventure all his own. According to Deadline, AMC has just picked up Alex Winter's 'Rights of Bill,' an hour-long Wisconsin drama about a sheriff who becomes an outlaw himself by forming his own militia.

Winter will write the pilot, along writing partner Steven Pearl, for an unknown release date. In addition to his iconic association with the 'Bill & Ted' franchise, which last we heard had completed a script on a third installment, Winter has made appearances on 'Bones' and Adult Swim comedies 'Saul of the Mole Men' and 'Robot Chicken.' His directed Napster documentary 'Downloaded' will arrive next year, along with his starring turn alongside Elijah Wood and John Cusack in 'Grand Piano.'

What say you?  It might not be 'Bill & Ted' news, but do you think Alex Winter's 'Rights of Bill' could be the next great AMC drama?

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