In addition to its announcement of the August 11 premiere of 'Breaking Bad's final episodes, and the development of a companion talk show 'Talking Bad,' AMC's Upfront presentation today offered up a wealth of exciting new series in development. Most promising is a futuristic sci-fi thriller from 'Pacific Rim' writer Travis Beacham and 'Oblivion' director Joseph Kosinski titled 'Ballistic City,' said to be something of a blend between 'Blade Runner,' 'Chinatown' and 'Battlestar Galactica.' Get the scoop on AMC's latest projects inside!

From the network that carries such heavy-hitting dramas as 'Breaking Bad,' 'Mad Men' and 'The Walking Dead,' about the last place we expected AMC to take us next was the futuristic outer-space 'Ballistic City.' AMC today announced the development of the drama from 'Pacific Rim' writer Travis Beacham and 'Oblivion' director Joseph Kosinski, following a former cop thrust into the criminal underworld of a city housed in a generational spaceship destined for an unknown world.

In addition to 'Ballistic CIty,' AMC also announced a number of exciting new scripted projects in development over the next year:


Executive Producers: Joe Scarborough (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”) and Mika Brzezinski (MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”); Writers and Executive Producers: Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider (“Boardwalk Empire,” “The Sopranos”)

In the early 1960s, Floridian King Carmichael sells his soul to a corrupt, racist political machine to win a seat in the Senate. Having run as a segregationist, he is then tapped by Lyndon B. Johnson to champion civil rights in the South.


Writer and Executive Producer: Allison Anders (Gas, Food, Lodging, Mi Vida Loca) and Terry Graham; Co-Executive Producer: Shana Eddy

Set in 1950 in Ashland, a tiny mining town in Kentucky, the Evans family has just relocated from California and the matriarch, Del, must hide her family’s secrets and find a way to support her three children at the height of the Red Scare.

“White City”

Executive Producer: Tom Freston (MTV); Writers and Co-Executive Producers: Nick McDonell (Twelve, The Third Brother, An Expensive Education) and John Dempsey

The drama series follows western diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan.

“Untitled Dahvi Waller Project”

Writer and Executive Producer: Dahvi Waller (“Mad Men”)

Set against the New York automobile industry of the 1920s, two brothers struggle to keep their family-run company afloat with a class-hopping Ziegfeld girl and the daughter of an English competitor blurring the line between love and business.

“Untitled Tim Lea/Anonymous Content Project”

Writer and Executive Producer: Tim Lea (“Flash Forward,” “The Riches”); Executive Producers: David Kanter and Matt DeRoss of Anonymous Content (Winter’s Bone, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind)

In America’s near future, one family is nearly torn apart in the conflict between a repressive government and the emerging movement for a second American Revolution.

“The Wall”

Writers and Executive Producers: Jim Keeble and Dudi Appleton (Thorne); Executive Producer: Red Arrow; Executive Producer: Alan Greenspan (Donnie Brasco, High Fidelity)

In 1960s Berlin, an American businessman becomes embroiled in a web of East-West espionage.

We'll keep our ears to ground for more of AMC's announcements and projects in development, but what say you? Do you think 'Ballistic City' or any of the others will live to be AMC's next great drama?

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