The Revolutionary War continues toward a breaking 'Turn' as the AMC period drama heads into its final two episodes of the inaugural season, and Abe Woodhull (Jaime Bell)'s attempts to keep both the peace and the Culper Ring in tact grow more treacherous than ever. Before Sunday's all-new penultimate installment "Against Thy Neighbor" we have an exclusive first look at the latest AMC episode to 'Turn' the tide.

Our exclusive first look at this Sunday's all-new 'Turn' installment sees Abe arguing with Anna Strong (Heather Lind) about the upcoming trial set in motion by Hewlett ('Game of Thrones' star Burn Gorman), for which Abe must present the case. Abe intends on throwing the presentation, while Anna has a much more drastic suggestion as to how Abe might keep the war out of Setauket.

Meanwhile, Here's what AMC had to say of Sunday's "Against Thy Neighbor":

Simcoe ignites a political witch hunt to weed out rebel conspirators in Setauket. Washington assigns Ben to a secret mission.

Only two episodes remain until AMC's 'Turn' comes to an exciting first season conclusion, so what say you? Will Abe manage to keep the war out of town for very much longer? Check out our exclusive clip from Sundays' "Against Thy Neighbor" above, airing 9:00/8:00 P.M. Central, and give us your predictions in the comments!

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