The People v. O.J. Simpson will conclude the first American Crime Story run on Tuesday, hailed as one of TV’s best, where early days drew mostly snickers for John Travolta’s hilarious wig. Now, we may have all-new hairpieces to snicker at next year, as Travolta has expressed an intent to return for the second, Hurricane Katrina-based American Crime Story.

“I told them I was interested and that it was up to them,” Travolta told The Hollywood Reporter of a second season, noting that producers were taken aback by the screen legend’s willingness to commit to another TV season. In particular, Travolta pointed to his personal experience with Hurricane Katrina, in that:

I’m very interested in the Katrina story because Kelly [Preston] and I were actually a part of that in real life. We went with a plane-load of medics and supplies and went deep into the parishes to help people, so I have a personal feeling about that. It touches me deeply.

Travolta even pitched a scene based on his own experience of a “big brute” survivor breaking down in tears at the sight of a familiar face, which could well suggest Travolta playing himself in a second season:

It was because I was a familiar face, and in this chaos it was the first sign of help. If I had arrived there, it meant that help was on its way. So I love that moment. I don’t know what they’re going to write, but that moment alone is equivalent in this last episode to when Darden hugs the Goldman family. It’s that kind of thing, and at some point that has to happen.

The writers room has only just assembled for the second season, which lacks a formal title as-of-yet, but stay tuned for more Travolta (and his hair) when The People v. O.J. Simpson concludes its run on Tuesday.

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