More and more, some of TV’s most ambitious have trouble holding to a yearly premiere. Starz’s American Gods in particular may not have a set point to return in 2018, if at all, though Starz bosses at least see “no end in sight” for the series.

Now, before you worry that American Gods might take another three years to produce new episodes, keep in mind that the Neil Gaiman-adapted drama will likely follow Westworld’s example with a clearer Season 2 vision to avoid delays. All the same, Starz boss Chris Albrecht told critics at the TCA press tour that while the series could run for many seasons beyond Gaiman’s original story, they can’t guarantee when new episodes will arrive (via EW):

We are certainly on board for as long as the show makes sense for Starz, and we don’t see any end in sight. It’s a difficult show to do, a lot of people to wrangle, so I can’t tell you exactly when the next season is going to be on the air. We’re actively pursuing making sure we get it as soon as possible.

At the very least, the second season was previously expected to premiere in mid-2018, comprised of at least eight episodes (the first season was cut down from ten). American Gods Season 2 will also deliver the famed “House on the Rock” visit, as the climactic event was cut from Season 1 over storytelling concerns.

Hopefully Starz will firm a Season 2 premiere window before long, but what should we pray for from American Gods Season 2?

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