Sister Jude better pray that Mark Margolis doesn't end up in a wheelchair when the former 'Breaking Bad' star comes to FX's 'American Horror Story: Asylum.'  The iconic actor, whos career dates back as far-reaching as 'Scarface' has just landed a recurring role on the second season of Ryan Murphy's horror thriller, but with the untold number of guest stars dropping by the asylum this year, what role could the 'Breaking Bad' boss possibly take?

Things are about to get explosive on 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' as we've just learned from Entertainment Weekly that former 'Breaking Bad' star Mark Margolis will take a recurring role in the new season of FX's monster hit.  Named Sam Goodwin, no other details are yet available of Margolis' character, adding a further air of mystery.

While Margolis has maintained a storied career spanning decades, fans will most recently remember him as the wheelchair-bound, stroke-addled, bell-ringing former drug boss Hector "Tio" Salamanca, who finally got his vengeance on Gus Fring when Walter White strapped a home-made bomb to his wheelchair.

Premiering on FX October 17, ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ features returning series veterans Lily Rabe, Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, Sarah Paulson, Frances Conoy and Eric Stonestreet. ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ also adds new series stars Franka Potente, ‘The Voice‘ judge and Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, ‘Step Up’s’ Jenna Dewan,‘Carnivale’ star Clea DuVall, Americanized ‘Skins’ star Britne Oldford, ‘Big Love’s’ Chloe Sevigny, French actress Lizzie Brochere, Joseph Fiennes and James Cromwell.

What say you?  Will Mark Margolis add a new layer of menace to 'American Horror Story: Asylum,' or will he be one of the good guys?  Ring our bell by giving your thoughts in the comments below!