Now situated at the cavernously bonkers Hotel Cortez, American Horror Story may one day run out of spooky locations with which to set its assured future. Series star Evan Peters however, following his “Chutes and Ladders” debut last night, puts in another vote to take Ryan Murphy’s horror vision to the terrors of outer space, and we’re inclined to agree.

Speaking to Vulture of his sinister Mr. March character, murderous architect of the Cortez Hotel, and current spirit occupying its ranks, Peters laid out his own interest in seeing the FX horror-thriller take a (literally) less grounded approach, potentially even reconnecting with the aliens of American Horror Story: Asylum:

I keep pitching that it should be in space because I think the contained thing in space is really scary! It’s not as sexy as some of these past seasons, but space is very intense, and there are a lot of things can go wrong. Alien creatures. People going crazy up there. There’s a lot that could happen. And it could look cool. It could be awesome to design a space-station set, and that would be amazing, to play around in that. Who knows? They’re the ones who come up with all the brilliant ideas. I just get to play around with them.

If you did a space station, you could have callbacks to the aliens from Asylum.

That would be cool! We’d get to have closure with them. Figure out what happened there! And then for the space station, you’ve got to have a crew. You always have the smartass one, the genius brainy one, the leader, so you’d have to have all of those in there. Space is really scary, though.

For the record, thoughts of taking American Horror Story to space don’t originate with Peters, as Freak Show star Finn Wittrock also expressed interest in the idea earlier this year at Paley Fest. To its detriment however, Ryan Murphy previously shot down rumors the fifth season might take to the stars, telling Entertainment Weekly in 2014:

We’re not doing space. Because space is not in America. It’s ‘American Horror Story’ not ‘Intergalactic Horror Story.’ But I thought the clues about people thinking it was space was clever. I always love it when people come up with these theories but it is 100 percent not space. It is land-bound and it takes place in the United States.

Still, one could just as easily center American Horror Story: Space around an American astronaut / crew, perhaps establishing a central base on Mars or Earth’s moon for a more practical locale. It’s enough of a bold new direction to re-energize the franchise, while the pop-horror decadence of Hotel proves increasingly divisive in only two episodes.

After all, aging horror franchises certainly have a vast tradition of heading into orbit, and wouldn’t you want to see an alien in a clown costume chasing Wes Bentley in a lunar rover? What about Kathy Bates, space-humping a Moon-otaur?

Listen to Evan Peters, Mr. Murphy. Take that one small step for man, and make the giant leap for American Horror Story: We’re In Goddamn Space Now.

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