Have we all safely made it through the headline above? No, you’re not having a stroke, those words are all in the correct order. (Unless part of your face is sagging and your speech isn’t making sense, in which case please stop reading mildly amusing entertainment news posts and contact a medical emergency service immediately.) Depending on how closely you’ve been following this project, the most shocking/perplexing/frightening part could be that Bradley Cooper will make his first foray into feature directing with a remake of the classic showbiz saga A Star Is Born, or maybe the fact that professional weirdo Lady Gaga will presumably assume human form to take the starring role. But those up to date on the development of this production will express the most surprise and bafflement over the breaking news that none other than Andrew Dice Clay — the Diceman, the Diceman, twice-as-nice-man — has entered the mix.

The once-popular stand-up comic has entered negotiations to portray Lady Gaga’s father in the upcoming Bradley Cooper-directed A Star Is Born, per Deadline, possibly getting a weeklong jump on their April Fool’s goofs. The natural inclination is to express confusion over how a man best known for his sexually graphic, gleefully misogynistic onstage nursery rhyme parodies could land such a high-profile role. But chances are that Cooper’s casting director remembers the Diceman most recently as the authentically blue-collar supporting player from Blue Jasmine, and not as the star of last year’s execrable autobiographical TV series vehicle Dice. (That is where the exquisite header image above comes from, a still from a scene in which Dice teaches Academy Award winner Adrien Brody, portraying a fictionalized version of himself, how to act. It is truly a sight to behold.)

The Star Is Born role actually sounds pretty well suited to the Diceman, based on the description in the Deadline article. Dice would inject a little comic relief into the film as the Lady Gaga-played ingenue’s Italian-American father. We’ll know for sure on September 28, 2018, when this increasingly strange project finally proves itself to be a real thing and not a long-running prank from those incurable jokesters at Warner Bros.

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