Andy Samberg just called it quits on a storied 'Saturday Night Live' career this past weekend but yesterday he was already up at Harvard University delivering a rousing speech to the graduating class.  And he brought some of his friends - Nic Cage, Mark Wahlberg and Mark Zuckerberg - with him. Samberg spent 20 minutes speaking to the graduating class at 2012's Class Day and invoked some of his favorite 'SNL' impressions (there's a Mark Wahlberg "say hi to your mutha for me" in there) and even sang along to Montell Jordan's "This Is How We Do It," danced to Adele and kissed a male Harvard grad.

Among Samberg's notes to the Harvard grads was this gem:

But my advice to you is simple: RELAX, DUDE! You just finished college at Harvard. You worked so hard. Trust me, you’re going to kill it. I went to Santa Cruz then transferred to film school, and I’m RICH!

For the first time in years, there were two speakers at the ceremony with Congressman Barney Frank warming up the crowd (at least as much as Barney Frank can warm anyone up for Andy Samberg). You can watch the entire speech below. (And if you have time, you may want to go back and read Conan O'Brien's classic Harvard speech from 2000.)