Angelina Jolie and husband Brad Pitt are set to reunite on the big screen in the upcoming film ‘By the Sea,’ but apparently the actress/director has so much fun working with her husband (why not, right?) that she wants to cast him in her next directorial project. Jolie has set her sights on her fourth film, ‘Africa,’ and she wants Pitt to take the lead.

Late last year, we heard that Jolie was already lining up her next project, ‘Africa,’ based on the Eric Roth screenplay about paleo-archaeologist Richard Leakey, who bravely tried to protect the African elephant population from nefarious ivory poachers who threatened both the lives of the animals and the livelihood of the land.

The Wrap reports that Jolie would like her husband, Pitt, to play the role of Leakey in the upcoming film. Jolie and Pitt previously starred together in Doug Liman’s ‘Mr. and Mrs. Smith,’ and will once again appear together in ‘By the Sea,’ which was written and directed by Jolie and is set to hit theaters sometime this year.

‘By the Sea’ also stars French actress Melanie Laurent, and tells the story of a former dancer (Jolie) and her husband, who travel the world together in the ‘70s. Just as they begin to grow restless, they settle into a small French town, where they become close with some of the residents, including Laurent’s character, a local barkeep.

Jolie will presumably head into production on ‘Africa’ once post-production on ‘By the Sea’ is complete, which means we could have two Jolie-Pitt films in the next two years.