Take that, Skyler haters! 'Breaking Bad' star Anna Gunn has won the 2013 Outstanding Supporting Actress Emmy award, winning for her role as Skyler White, the wife of Meth Kingpin Walter White.

This is Gunn's first win and second nomination for her work on the show, which will be delivering its finale next Sunday. This is the first win for the series tonight, which may mean the Emmy voters have 'Breaking Bad' fever like the rest of us, though the show has already won eight Emmys previously.

Gunn was up against Maggie Smith for 'Downton Abbey,' Emilia Clarke for 'Game of Thrones,' Christine Baranski for 'The Good Wife,' Morena Baccarin for 'Homeland' and Christina Hendricks for 'Mad Men.'

Gunn joins Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston in Emmy wins, as both actors have won previously, with Paul having won twice for his role as Jesse Pinkman and Cranston three times for his work as Walter White.

But what say you? Should Gunn have won for her work as Skyler, or was someone like Emilia Clarke or Christina Hendricks more deserving? Give us your picks!

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