Get ready to have your mind blown.

If you’re an avid reader of ScreenCrush, you already know how much I love Anomalisa, the new stop-motion film from writer/director Charlie Kaufman. (And if you’re not an avid reader of ScreenCrush, what the hell is wrong with you?) In my review, I called it a masterpiece, a word I don’t throw around lightly; it’s one of only two movies this year I’ve rated a perfect 10/10. (Inside Out was the other.) When I saw the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival, the movie didn’t have a distributor or a release date, but now it does; Paramount is putting it out for the end of the year, setting up maybe the most competitive race for the Best Animated Film Oscar in the history of the award.

The movie also has its first trailer, which you can see above. Truth be told, it is not entirely accurate to the tone or even the story of this movie, which is a bit darker and a whole lot stranger than this clip lets on. This basically sells it as a beautiful love story, and that’s certainly in there, but there’s a lot more going on in Anomalisa than just that. This is a difficult movie to sell, though, and the more you reveal about what actually happens in it, the less you leave for the audience to discover for themselves. Divorced from context, this is a lovely trailer. Accurate or inaccurate, if it gets people in the door, that’s the important part. Everyone needs to see this movie.

Anomalisa opens in limited release on December 30.