Breathe a sigh of relief everyone because it's officially official! Marvel has made the announcement: director Peyton Reed will helm 'Ant-Man,' taking over for the dearly departed Edgar Wright, while 'Anchorman' writer/director Adam McKay will take over scripting duties on the project, which has been on a bit of a bumpy track over the last couple of weeks.

The announcement came via Marvel's official site today, and it's great news for 'Ant-Man,' with recent concerns that film might miss its 2015 release date. Director Peyton Reed, known previously for films like 'Yes Man,' 'The Break-Up,' and 'Down with Love,' will helm 'Ant-Man,' while the incredibly funny Adam McKay will contribute to the script.

McKay was previously a frontrunner to sit in the director's chair, but that notion was shot down literally overnight -- the great news is that the longtime Will Ferrell collaborator will still be involved on the script level. McKay has previously worked with 'Ant-Man' star Paul Rudd on the 'Anchorman' films.

Reed had previously developed the original 'Fantastic Four' film for Fox before that property switched over to director Tim Story, so this isn't his first time dabbling in the world of superheroes.

So what do you guys think? Does this news get you excited for 'Ant-Man' once again?