In case you were not aware, there’s been a little dispute over at Marvel regarding the Ant-Man writing credits. Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish originally wrote the screenplay for the pint-sized superhero film, but once Wright departed the project, Adam McKay and Paul Rudd did a little rewriting. While Marvel intended to give Wright and Cornish “story by” credit only, the pair will now get a screenwriting credit following the results of their recent dispute.

As The Wrap reports, Marvel and the writers settled the dispute during arbitration. So when you see Ant-Man this summer, the credits will read “Screenplay by Edgar Wright & Joe Cornish and Adam McKay & Paul Rudd,” with Wright and Cornish also receiving a “story by” credit.

When Peyton Reed boarded the project, the director continued to work off of the storyboards created by Wright, while McKay and Rudd added some of their own sensibilities to a new draft of the script, working off of the one previously delivered by Wright and Cornish. Wright famously parted ways with Marvel over “creative differences,” while Joss Whedon recently revealed that Wright’s script was the “best script Marvel ever had,” which makes us even more curious about what might have been.

Although we were saddened by the departure of Wright, Reed is a very talented director, and we’re excited to see what he’s delivered when Ant-Man hits theaters on July 17.