Comic book movies are all the rage, but we never thought we'd see the day when those wholesome 'Archie' comics became a live-action movie -- much less with zombies.

Deadline reports that Warner Bros. have just closed a deal to make the 'Archie' comics into a movie. 'Pitch Perfect' helmer Jason Moore will direct, based on a script by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, whose work has been featured on 'Glee.' Aguirre-Sacasa also wrote the upcoming 'Carrie' remake, starring Chloe Moretz and Julianne Moore.

Earlier this year, Aguirre-Sacasa was also tapped with writing a new series of 'Archie' comics stories, featuring the characters in a zombie apocalypse scenario. We can't help but think that it's this series of stories that will serve as the inspiration for the live-action film about the classic Riverdale gang. The new 'Afterlife with Archie' comics take place in the Archie universe, and feature stories like "Escape from Riverdale" and "Betty RIP" -- so we guess that finally settles the eternal Betty vs. Veronica debate in the storied love triangle between the two ladies and red-headed protagonist Archie. Unless he falls in love with zombie Betty.

With Jason Moore at the helm, we could be looking at yet another surprise hit, just like last summer's 'Pitch Perfect.'

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