It’s hard not to like Armie Hammer. The actor has been a standout since his early days as a television guest star; even when his biggest role was a minor recurring character on Reaper, you got the feeling that he was going to be something special. Not only that, but Hammer comes with one of the greatest what-if stories in the modern history of Hollywood: what if Warner Bros. had allowed director George Miller to make his star-studded adaptation of the Justice League movie and Armie Hammer had become our quintessential Batman? Who knows, man. Who knows.

That being said, the actor seems to be having a pretty great 2017. First there was his continuous trolling of Green Lantern fans on Twitter, then his flagrant flaunting of his kinky side  —  you’ll have to Google that one yourself, friend  —  and finally, and most film-centric, the momentous buzz for his performance in Call Me By Your Name, the award season frontrunner set to hit theaters this November. And now you can add another prestige movie to the mix, with The Hollywood Reporter noting that Hammer has joined the cast of Ruth Bader Ginsburg biopic On the Basis of Sex.

As The Hollywood Reporter notes, the film  —  which will star Felicity Jones as the titular Ginsburg  —  was written by the Supreme Court Justice’s nephew, suggesting that On the Basis of Sex could be a more intimate portrait than most historical dramas. Hammer will play Ginsburg’s husband, and the film will apparently focus on Ginsburg’s early career as an attorney and her big wins in favor of anti-discrimination laws. It’s worth noting that this is the second high-profile film in as many years to focus on an important Supreme Court Justice; Chadwick Boseman’s Marshall is set to hit theaters this October. Have we entered in an era where the movies will treat civil rights activists as superheroes? A boy can dream, right?

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