Of all the major Hollywood names we've seen moving to TV in the last few years, iconic movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger was about the last we expected to see on the small screen. New reports have emerged that the one-time 'Terminator' star has sold period fitness drama 'Pump' to Showtime, but would the former California governor take a role on the series if Showtime moves forward?

Iconic movie muscleman Arnold Schwarzenegger may not have any big-screen franchises of his own in the works, but the star's next project could put a major 'Pump' into our TV screens. Via The Hollywood Reporter we've learned that Schwarzenegger and Showtime have begun developing 'Pump,' a 1970s Venice Beach drama chronicling the origin of the present-day fitness industry and culture of body worship to a Pacific Avenue gym called "Pump."

Written and executive produced by Michael Konyves with The Tannenbaum Co.'s Eric and Kim Tannenbaum (and Schwarzenegger attached as executive producer), 'Pump' would feature Schwarzenegger himself in a recurring role if Showtime opts to move forward with the series. The project was pitched exclusively to Showtime, while the Tannenbaums would only agree to take on the series if Arnold himself was involved.

What say you? Would you be willing to let Arnold Schwarzenegger 'Pump' you up on Showtime?