For the past week, Arnold Schwarzenegger has been teasing his involvement in a Super Bowl commercial and now it has arrived. Clocking in at nearly four minutes, this extended version of the ad is much longer than what will air this Sunday and, by extension, features a few additional precious seconds of everyone's favorite Austrian bodybuilder-movie-star-turned-politician-turned-movie-star-wearing-a-silly-wig playing table tennis.

Although he's the biggest name in the ad, the real star of this Bud Light Super Bowl commercial is a "real guy" (AKA, probably an actor) named Ian. Surrounded by hidden cameras and actors, Ian is offered a free beer as long as he agrees to participate in whatever happens next. What happens next includes an absurd limo ride deejayed by Reggie Watts, a personal fashion makeover by Minka Kelly, an elevator journey with Don Cheadle and his pet llama (??), a party attended entirely by twins and, finally, the big ping pong tournament with the Terminator himself.

Oh, and the band One Republic shows up, but whatever.

It's a very big and very slick commercial, so big and slick that the whole "real guy on hidden cameras" schtick really doesn't fly. However, we do get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger ham it up and, more importantly, we get to see Don Cheadle walking a llama through a hotel, so it's probably worth watching if you like oddball things. It's the kind of crazy that reminds you that yes, these companies really do pull out all the stop for their commercials when the Super Bowl comes along.

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