The Scary Movie franchise is continuing, whether you want a new one or not, and they've just signed their female lead who is moving away from her family-friendly Disney lifestyle towards one of bad jokes in a series that should have died four movies ago.

Ashley Tisdale, the teenage boy crushing blond girl from the popular Disney Channel series 'The Suite Life of Zack and Cody,' and who played Sharpay Evans in the first two 'High School Musical' movies, will be playing the lead in Dimension Films’ 'Scary Movie 5.'

The new sequel, which starts shooting this summer, focuses on lampooning whatever is currently hot in regards to movie horror. 'Scary Movie 5' is expected to start shooting this summer. It will be directed by Malcolm Lee, who last helmed the terrible movie 'Soul Men.' David Zucker, who directed 'Scary Movie' 4 and 5, is this time going to write and produce.

Tisdale is gaining popularity, and her new Bravo program, 'Miss Advised,' will premiere June 18th. She's one of this generations new rising stars so an innocent horror spoof comedy might be a nice transition for her into more mainstream stuff. That is, until she lands a role playing Taylor Lautner's girlfriend in a movie, ending her feature film career before it even began.