The fuel crunch is getting us all even more nervous, now that so many new faces seem to be riding into FX motorcycle club drama 'Sons of Anarchy's fifth season.  We already learned that former 'NYPD Blue' star Jimmy Smits and 'LOST's Harold Perrineau would play large, looming roles over the Kurt Sutter series' fifth outing, but now the ranks have expanded to include...a Disney sweetheart?

DeadLine reports that former 'High School Musical' and upcoming 'Scary Movie 5' star Ashley Tisdale has just landed a recurring role in 'Sons of Anarchy's fifth season, playing "Emma Jean, a high-priced desirable escort who complicates the club’s life in at least two episodes."  Though only set for two, the role could potentially expand in the future.

Tisdale isn't the only one recently added to the cast however, as earlier 'Dexter' star Billy Brown will also take a role on the series as August Marks, right-hand man to Harold Perrineau's major villain character Damon Pope.  It remains unknown if Brown's role means his character Mike Anderson will maintain a reduced presence on the seventh season of 'Dexter,' set to debut on Showtime September 30.

Well, hey.  If they can make an appearance from David Hasslehoff work, who's to say a little 'High School Musical' will bring down the motorcycle drama?

What say you?  Do you think either actor will fit into 'Sons of Anarchy's fifth season?  What are you most hoping for when Jax, Clay, Gemma, Tara and the boys return for a fifth year?  Rev up your thoughts in the comments below!