A new walkthrough video for Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag shows us around the Caribbean and shows us a few of the locations and activities we'll see in the game.

The video starts off by giving us a tour of an island with a nice beachfront tavern. In order to get watered and fed at this establishment, Kenway must first prove himself. This is accomplished by -- what else -- engaging in an awesome show of fisticuffs and laying some ne'er-do-wells flat on their asses.

Upon proving his mettle, Kenway will be allowed to order drinks at the bar. Apparently there's a nice surprise for anyone who makes Kenway drink like a fish, so we're looking forward to seeing what kinds of trouble he can get up to.

Next we're shown some underwater portions of Black Flag, in which Kenway uses a diving bell to dip into the ocean and scour the seabed for treasures from sunken ships. Underwater, he encounter many dangers, such as eels, and the threat of running out of breath. Thankfully, barrels are scattered around that are good for one recharge on his breath meter. If all else fails, he can return to the diving bell to get a brief respite.

We're also given looks at how Kenway can infiltrate pirate dens and fight off pirate hunters on the high seas. But perhaps the most interesting activity is harpooning. Kenway can climb into a rowboat and battle the beasts of the seas with harpoons, taking on sharks and even whales.

Watch the video above and look out for Black Flag when it's released on Oct. 29 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Wii U. The PlayStation 4 version will launch on Nov. 15 while the Xbox One version will launch on Nov. 22. Fans looking to play the PC version will have to wait until later in the year.