After years of everyone remaining relatively silent on the matter, the first real details of 'Avatar 2' may have finally emerged. A new report suggests that director James Cameron has hired a writer to tackle the screenplay for the sequel to the highest grossing film of all time...and it's someone with a strange connection to Cameron's work already.

According to The Wrap, Cameron and 20th Century Fox have hired 'Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles' creator Josh Friedman to pen the next adventure of Jake Sully and the Na'vi. The original story cites Friedman's friendly relationship with Cameron and Fox as a key reason for him nabbing the gig. Naturally, every geek in your life will point out that Friedman made a well-liked TV series based on characters originally created by Cameron thirty years ago, so it makes a sort of spiritual sense that he'll be asked to take on another Cameron-created universe. Cameron himself wrote the first film, so he'll probably have a strong guiding hand on Friedman's typing fingers during this entire process.

Naturally, all of the official sources have refused to comment on the situation, with producer Jon Landau saying, "I would not comment on 'Avatar 2' one way or the other way."

The first 'Avatar' came out four years ago at the height of the 3D boom, where it demolished worldwide box office records. Talk of a sequel (and of a trilogy) began immediately, with Cameron saying that the next film would focus on the oceans of Pandora. Although we haven't heard much else, we expect that not much has changed. However, we know that Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are expected to return and that 'Avatar 2' is still slated to have a 2015 release date.

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