Despite being the highest grossing film of all time, public opinion on James Cameron's 'Avatar' seems to be all over the place. However, there's one thing that everyone can agree on -- Stephen Lang made one helluva villain. His evil Colonel Miles Quaritch may have been one moustache shy of tying women to railroad tracks, but it was a fun, broad performance that made his complete and utter defeat feel like a real triumph.

And he'll be back for the sequels ... somehow.

This news (via The Wrap) is slightly baffling for anyone (i.e., everyone) who saw 'Avatar.' After all, that film ended with Quaritch getting shot full of massive arrows, his body left bleeding out in his wrecked mech suit. The film made it pretty clear that he was a dead man, mainly because men don't survive being impaled that many times by sharpened tree trunks.

Unless you're played by Stephen Lang, apparently.

The details of Lang's return are still unknown and this news comes from a "source close to the production," so we shall see how this all shakes out in the near future. It's especially interesting since we have heard rumors that Cameron regular Arnold Schwarzenegger was being considered for a villainous role. Could Arnold play one of Quaritch's superiors or compatriots?

In any case, now we have to wonder how the films will bring Lang back into the fold. Maybe they'll say he survived his wounds. Maybe he'll be brought back to life as a cyborg. Maybe Quaritch has an identical twin hellbent on revenge, which will thematically tie him to Sam Worthington's Jake Sully, who replaced his twin brother on the mission to Pandora in the first film. We're hoping for the cyborg solution, mainly because 'Avatar' is already pretty silly and we'd like it more if it got sillier.

'Avatar 2' will begin filming next year for a December 2016 release. 'Avatar 3' and 'Avatar 4' will follow in 2017 and 2018, respectively.