You've seen heroes like Thor and Iron Man in their own films, and you're planning on seeing them come together to fight evil and save America next weekend in 'The Avengers' (you are -- aren't you?), but you haven't seen them assembled quite like this.

Street artist ANO posted some images on his blog of his new 8-bit style 'Avengers' graffiti, and it's kind of amazing.

Below we've got ANO's take on Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk. His version of Hulk is by far the most impressive, surrounded by more traditional graffiti to offset the vintage 8-bit vibe. Captain America is much less detailed, while Iron Man goes for a straight and simple 8-bit feel.

As a bonus, we browsed the A Little Bit on the Awesome Side blog and found some more awesome superhero graffiti to brighten your day!

The Avengers get a classic black and white makeover:

Batman goes caricature with a scooter in front of a laundromat:

The Joker from Alan Moore's classic graphic novel 'The Killing Joke':

Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman:

This insane Hulk graffiti is almost too perfect to believe:

A tribute to Todd McFarlane''s 'Spawn':

Chubby Batman and chubby Superman are too cute:

Batman and Dr. Doom team up!: