Nothing is a match for 'The Avengers'! The obvious proof lies in the box office results that have been getting crazier as the days go on. If you would have asked people a few years ago if they thought this would've been making the money it is now, they probably would have said you're nuts. Not anymore.

The Hollywood Reporter states that 'The Avengers' is now officially the sixth biggest film of all time. Yes Christopher Nolan fans, that means 'The Avengers' even surpassed 'The Dark Knight' on the list. Not only is the Marvel movie letting 'The Dark Knight' eat its dust, but it took an even shorter amount of time for 'The Avengers' to make this much money than it did for the DC film.

At this point everybody is placing their bets, figuring out whether or not 'The Dark Knight Rises' has the stamina to surpass this mammoth Marvel movie. It is possible, and anybody else who thinks differently is a fool. Look at what 'The Dark Knight' made, $1.9 billion, and then think about all of the people who've been talking about 'The Dark Knight Rises' even before the movie was called that. It's going to make bank no matter what, not sure why people are doubting whether or not the Nolan film can make any money at all. The fan base is there, the general interest is there. It'll be enough for them to try and break 'The Avengers'' box office record.

But what other movies did 'The Avengers' smash while going through their international box office tear? Since 'The Avengers' is technically in the Disney family, lets compare it to a couple of the Disney/Pixar films that were once in its path. Deadline reports that 'The Avengers' has surpassed all of the 'Pirates' movies, 'Alice in Wonderland' and even 'Toy Story 3' to become the biggest Disney movie of all-time.

And to think 'The Avengers' did all of this in just fourteen days.