Wherever Edgar Wright goes, we’ll follow, and since he parted ways with ‘Ant-Man,’ the director has lined up not just one, but two new projects. Today brings an update on the first of those two new films: ‘Baby Driver.’ Sony and TriStar will release the project, with ‘The Fault in Our Stars’ leading man Ansel Elgort in early talks to join the cast.

Variety reports that the studios have stepped in, along with MRC, to distribute and produce Wright’s new project, the “ultimate rock-and-roll car chase film,” which follows a young professional driver at the top of his game, who uses his own personal soundtrack to enhance his driving skills. When a crime boss persuades him to take part in a heist, the driver gets in way over his head, and comes dangerously close to losing everything, including his life.

Ansel Elgort is in early talks to play the young driver, while Variety also reports that both Logan Lerman and John Boyega had previously expressed interest. There’s no word yet on when ‘Baby Driver’ will hit theaters, but Wright also has another project lined up: ‘Grasshopper Jungle.’

That film is based on the novel of the same name, which follows two young boys in a fictional, mostly abandoned town, who accidentally unleash a plague of six-foot-tall, ravenous and horny (oh my) praying mantises. Like most YA stories, this one features a love triangle, though it’s a little less conventional: it concerns the male protagonist and his affections for both his girlfriend and his male best friend.

Wright recently spoke briefly to Vulture about the project, revealing that he initially became aware of the book via an Entertainment Weekly review. Not long after, someone on Facebook suggested that he adapt the novel into a film, and Matt Tolmach (who owns the rights to the book) expressed agreement.

Two Edgar Wright projects are in the works—we truly live in some excellent times, you guys.

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