Valued readers of ScreenCrush: I had the good fortune of catching a screening of Edgar Wright’s new picture Baby Driver just last night in advance of its June 28 release, and while I have been sworn to semi-secrecy, I can safely and gladly echo the sentiments of my esteemed colleague Britt and affirm that holy biscuits is it good. It is a damn fine moving picture. I won’t say much more than that, and luckily, I don‘t have to because today brings the arrival of a new trailer for the high-octane crime thriller. Comin’ in hot, wheels skidding in a perfectly narrow drift, the trailer arrives with the hyperkinetic editing and blazing soundtrack cuts that make this movie such an unfettered joy.

Ansel Elgort tunes out as Baby, an expert getaway driver with a nasty case of tinnitus that he keeps at bay with the help of a rotating roster of iPods. He’s fallen in with some bad folk (Kevin Spacey, Jamie Foxx, and Jon Hamm play his literal partners in crime) and he wants out, but leaving his illicit life behind won’t be so easy. He wants to sweep up his sweetheart Deborah (portrayed by Lily James of Downton Abbey fame) and drive off into the sunset, but his Spacey-played boss has other, more threatening plans.

Not to discredit Elgort, but as in the film, the music is the real star of the trailer. Wright carefully cherrypicked the soundtrack cuts around which Baby Driver is built, and this trailer makes sure to strike the same rollicking retro-funk tone. The trailer is only a minute long, but by the end of it, you feel the need to catch your breath. So imagine that, but for two hours. It’s gonna be a good June.

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