As evidenced by a handful of set photos posted last week, Edgar Wright is currently in production on Baby Driver, his long-awaited follow-up to The World’s End. The seemingly music-centric action flick has assembled an excellent cast, but Wright isn’t quite done adding to the lineup just yet, as Daredevil star Jon Bernthal has also signed on to star in the upcoming film.

Deadline reports that Bernthal has joined the cast of Baby Driver in “the key role” of a man named Griff. The Walking Dead and Sicario star appears next opposite Charlie Cox in Marvel’s Daredevil Season 2, in which he’ll play the Punisher. Baby Driver centers on a professional getaway driver who uses a personally curated playlist to sharpen his skills. When he’s forced to work for a crime boss and a heist goes sideways, the driver’s livelihood and everything he cares about become endangered.

Deadline has also offered some new intel about the key players in Wright’s film: Ansel Elgort plays the role of the driver, who goes by the name of Baby, with Lily James as Deborah, his innocent girlfriend. Kevin Spacey stars as Doc, the crime boss, who has a handful of lackeys under his command, including Jon Hamm’s Buddy, described as a “party animal”; Eliza Gonzalez as Darling, Buddy’s girlfriend and partner-in-crime; and Jamie Foxx’s Bats, an impulsive, gun-toting criminal.

Wright recently shared some production photos from the Atlanta set, offering clues to some of the music that may be featured on the film’s soundtrack. Baby Driver hits theaters on March 17, 2017.