Call it, 'Worse Grandpa.'

Like they have done previously with the 'Jackass' series of films, Johnny Knoxville confirmed to us this weekend that a 'Bad Grandpa 1.5' is on the way that would be a sequel made up of parts that didn't make it into the original. And? It's going to star two Oscar-nominees.

We spoke to Knoxville at the 'Bad Grandpa' press day and he exclusively revealed that he and director Jeff Tremaine are working on 'Bad Grandpa 1.5' that would be released when the original film hits DVD and Blu-ray. It would act as an unofficial sequel to the upcoming comedy, which Knoxville said had a ton of great material that had to be cut for time.

Returning to the film will be Oscar-nominees Spike Jonze (who also produced the film) and Catherine Keener, both of whom had roles playing old ladies in 'Bad Grandpa' but both were cut for time. (If you look when 'Bad Grandpa' comes out, you can still see Keener as a corpse.)

Whether there will be a formal 'Bad Grandpa 2' or 'Jackass 4' but Knoxville seemed to be up for both (though he was wearing a brace on his left hand after tearing a tendon doing a 'Bad Grandpa' promotional appearance at a frat house) and wanted his 'Bad Grandpa' co-star Jackson Niccol to join them for another 'Jackass' movie.

Stay tuned for our full interview with both Knoxville and Niccol this week. 'Bad Grandpa' hits theaters on October 23.

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