Many modern audiences wouldn't necessarily remember the name 'Barbarella,' perhaps even confusing her with Pamela Anderson's ill-fated action heroine 'Barb Wire' (not that we know from experience), but the character made famous by Jane Fonda is poised to return in a big way. New reports suggest that universally acclaimed 'Skyfall' writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have signed on to develop a new TV series based on the classic heroine, but will the new 'Barbarella' prove a little too retro for modern audiences? New details inside!

Jane Fonda may not look very good in zero gravity these days, but if 'Skyfall' writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade have their way, another sexy young actress may give whole new meaning to the phrase "heavenly bodies." The Hollywood Reporter says the 'Skyfall' writing pair will couple with director and executive producer Nicolas Refn to develop a new TV series around the character originally created by Jean-Claude Forest and made famous in the 1968 film of the same name.

"I'm extremely excited that Neal and Robert have signed on to develop and write 'Barbarella' with me,” said Refn. “I'm certain that the combination of our creative forces will produce a show that is as enthralling as it is sexy."

Martha De Laurentiis, Julien Forest and Jean-Marc Lofficier have been announced as co-executive producers, but no network or production date has yet been set. What say you? Would you be interested to see a new babe take the iconic role of 'Barbarella'?