It's been about a year since we've heard from the proposed 'Barbarella' TV series under ‘Skyfall‘ writers Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, but at long last the project may have finally gotten off the ground. New reports have emerged that an adaptation of the iconic 1968 Jane Fonda character will land at Amazon Studios on a fast track toward pilot production.

Courtesy of Deadline, the new 'Barbarella' originally tasked director and executive producer Nicolas Refn to develop a new TV series around the character, which was originally created by Jean-Claude Forest and made famous in the 1968 film of the same name, though Refn will likely executive produce the series instead of direct. The search is underway for a showrunner to Purvis and Wade's script in anticipation of a pilot pickup.

Gaumont International's ('Hannibal,' 'Hemlock Grove') Martha De Laurentiis, Julien Forest and Jean-Marc Lofficier have also been announced as co-executive producers. “I’m extremely excited that Neal and Robert have signed on to develop and write ‘Barbarella’ with me,” said Refn of the original announcement. “I’m certain that the combination of our creative forces will produce a show that is as enthralling as it is sexy.”

Amazon has had a notably hard time getting its original series the same attention as, say, competing streaming service Netflix receives, but what say you? Will 'Barbarella' be the first heavenly body Amazon sends into orbit? Watch the original trailer below, and give us your take in the comments!