Are you ready for a bigger ‘Batman Begins?’ Before ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ reaches theaters, Christopher Nolan’s trilogy launcher will make its way to theaters with a fancy new IMAX retrofit, allowing Warner Bros. to screen both ‘Begins’ and ‘Dark Knight’ as part of an event leading up to the opening of ‘Rises.’

Though it was released in 55 IMAX theaters during its original run, Nolan’s ‘Begins’ wasn’t filmed in IMAX or 3D. Years later, once it was proven that fans bought into Nolan’s vision of the Caped Crusader, Warner allowed the filmmaker to shoot chunks of ‘The Dark Knight’ in 70MM. Now Variety says Nolan and his team will go back and upgrade ‘Begins’ to IMAX ratios for the special presentations.

These upgrades are being done for ‘The Dark Knight Trilogy' package that’s being presented at participating AMC Theatres. (Buy tickets here while they last). According to schedules, ‘Begins’ and ‘Dark Knight’ will screen on July 19, leading up to the opening of ‘Rises’ on July 20.

Upgrading ‘Begins’ to the 70MM format makes sense. Batman fans flocked to theaters to see a special IMAX teaser of Bane in action for ‘Rises’ in December. It’s Nolan’s preferred method of visual storytelling (he has resisted 3D to this point), and if he thinks he can retrofit ‘Begins’ to look better in IMAX, we’re all willing to swing by and see how it turns out.

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